Hummus for People Who Move.

Our hummus is for people on the go — people like you, who want the real thing. No compromises. Just add water, stir, and you’ve got hummus that’s fresher than from the refrigerated aisle.


bye-bye, boring bars.


hummus is here.



We’ve got a must-have lineup that will blow your mind with flavor, or melt your face with heat.

Creating our hummus is a labor of love that we mastered through countless hours in the kitchen. Perfecting batch after batch until we found the perfect flavor, texture, and consistency.

To use a packet of our hummus, tear open the pouch and slowly add water, mixing until you reach the desired consistency.

It goes great with carrot sticks on a trailhead or a working lunch between meetings. This hummus isn’t a substitute. It’s real food that’s packed with protein and flavor.


You now have a real alternative to bars, jerky, and trail mix. Enjoy the nutrition and flavor of fresh hummus in a pack that slips easily into pockets.


After almost a decade of supplying the Midwest with the freshest and most delicious refrigerated hummus, our founder had an epiphany. 

You see, he loves hiking the Appalachian Trail. He also loves hummus. But hummus doesn’t last long outside of a refrigerator so that he couldn’t take it with him on his adventures. After noticing fellow backpackers were packing food that was nutritious but gross, a backpacker struck up a conversation and brought up his wish for some tasty and nutritious hummus. He had no idea he was speaking to the founder of The Hummus Co. 

Inspired to set free all taste buds bound to a nearby refrigerator, he got to work. But there were a few problems. He would never want to use artificial ingredients nor sacrifice flavor, and the thought of freeze-drying hummus wasn’t an appealing one. Pasteurizing hummus would make it heavy to carry around and take up space, especially for backpackers who are well-known to pack lightly. So after years of testing, he created a hummus without ever using water in the first place, coining the term “PRE-hydrated” hummus. Perfection achieved. Thanks to backpacker on the Appalachian trail who loves hummus, the world now has a “just add water” hummus that’s not dehydrated nor freeze-dried. When you add water, you’re making it fresh for the very first time. It’s simply hummus, when and where you want it. You’ve got to try this stuff.

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